WordPress Noob

So the first problem was to import stuff from Blogger.  The trick is to “archive” the blog over at Blogger.

Then the second step is to import it over at WordPress using the Tools/Import menu

It seems like the work flow is to select a block which seems to have the right formatting options, and then change the text and images.

It’s quite a complicated system compared with Blogger.  There’s a lot to learn considering I just want to use it as a notebook.  But on the other hand it seems very comprehensive.


I have been looking for a circular e-ink display that has a simple interface.  This one ($99)  has been around for a long time, but it seems like you have to buy their interface board ($350) to talk to it.  So I assume it isn't easy.
Dig as I may, I can't get the raw interface spec. to see if I can understand it.
I have interfaced a bunch of other e-ink displays with SPI with little problem, but these circular ones lock up their spec tight.   
Why do you think that might be? 
There is a competitor display from China Gligo that has a smaller interface board and obscure spec, but is kind of clunky.  
That seems to be it!
I found a product by Withings, and a teardown that seems to indicate it is a custom segmented display.