Interesting strap.  And the secret sauce: "powerful algorithms".  Wish I had some of them.

That's why Olive is putting science and technology to work for you. It analyzes your patterns and biological indicators, helps you be aware of when your body experiences a stress response, and empowers you with a range of exercises that can be used to bring your body back into balance. Above all, Olive is designed to handle the complexity of your stress behind the scenes so it is super simple to use.

Olive sits comfortably and discreetly on your wrist and monitors stress-related data in the background. Olive:

  • Tracks physical indicators of stress based on changes in heart rate, reactions in your skin, and trends in skin temperature
  • Analyzes habits that contribute to stress like your physical activity, sleep, and exposure to light
  • Talks with your smartphone to understand your lifestyle through your calendar, your location, and other available data

All of this information is meticulously stitched together with powerful algorithms to paint a more complete picture of your stress than has been possible, until now.

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