I don't know how I can help with the current situation.  Please ask if you think I can go look for answers to particular questions. 
Until we figure out the problem, keep using the test program I gave you this morning.   I wrote down some of the troubleshooting procedures because I know I'll forget them again.
However, today I have made a more sophisticated test program that can be compiled in two different ways.  So there are two new test programs on the TESTING directory.
Compiled in economy mode the test prog simply flashes the LEDs like the current test program.  I want to make sure that it isn't futzing with anything else that might confuse us, so I cut it down to the bare minimum.
When compiled in guru mode mode it presents a UI, and allows you to run a couple of very simple tests. Behind the scenes it is checking that the RTC and GPIOTE work.  You can use it to test that the Decawave is wired up and generates interrupts, and that the buttons generate interrupts.

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