This is a first look at how components might be placed on the Minitec board.
The uSD card socket at least will need to go on the bottom. Probably the power supply should go on the bottom and the IMU on the top, but if we used the Raytac nano module, it’s only 8mm x 8.5mm so there could be room for everything except the uSD on the top.

1 thought on “Board layout for Minitec case

  1. Good work David. Exciting. I hate to think how much googling and thinking it took to figure all this out.
    When the case comes apart will the uSD be easy to get to?
    A ponder… Does it make sense to try and get a couple of samples each of the Fujitsu and the Raytac modules so I can check there are no programming issues. Perhaps you could solder on the SWD ribbon and send one of each to the Imperial UK HQ, and keep one of each back at the CA galactic HQ in case we need to collaborate in some way?

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