This has proved to be an embarrassingly big challenge.  It ought to be easy, but it’s taken me days.  I still can’t get the PCA10001 V2.2 to talk to the PC serial, but at least I have managed it for the PAC10000 V2.2.

I needed to buy a UART to USB adaptor.  It’s actually a Silicon Labs CP2102.  I got the drivers for W8 from here.

Silicon Labs CP2102 UART to USB connector
The connections between the Nordic board and the CP2102 look like this.

CP2102 Nordic
DTR    P10 CTS
RXI    P9  TX
TXO    P11 RX
VCC    any VCC e.g. P7
GND    and GND e.g. P6

At the Nordic end it is configured as 115200 8N1 CTS/RTS=on

At the PC end like this

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