I spent today figuring out how to setup the development environment for the SpoonPhone.  It was pretty straightforward with a few funnies from BeSpoon, and there was a lot to learn.  For example, Eclipse is OUT, and Android Studio is IN.

As usual I wrote down the complete installation process in detail so there is some chance I can do it again.

Setting up Android Studio for the BeSpoon Android Phone

I couldn’t find any Android code that would import into Android studio, or Eclipse.

I wrote to BeSpoon, and got a “it all works” answer, which is less than I was hoping for.  Obviously I have to try and track down the cache of working code on the BeSpoon site.


So David and I see different things on the BeSpoon Forum Site.  Why is that?

David downloaded the latest stuff from the site.
Now I can load it into Android Studio, but I get this message:

Gradle ‘UWBLogger’ project refresh failed
Error:The project is using an unsupported version of Gradle.

Clearly you have to be a lot more clever than me to make this work.

So I swapped to Eclipse and was able to download UWBlogger, but it would not build either.

Errors occurred during the build.
Errors running builder ‘Android Pre Compiler’ on project ‘MainActivity’.

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