Another two full days trying to figure out how to compile the BeSpoon code.

The program is way more complicated than it needs to be, and I’m willing to bet that it’s level of sophistication is getting in the way of many people understanding how to drive the chip.

The code uses android-play-store, and accesses the IMU and a bunch of other stuff instead of simply demonstrating the very simplest interface to their ranging module.  As a result there is a huge amount of code that has to be upgraded before the program will run.

The code they have supplied needs updating for the current development tools, and that’s clearly way too hard for me.

I spent two days very carefully exploring all the options I could enumerate, and made some progress, but came to another dead end.

I have trawled through their code to try and find exactly where they talk to the module.  It looks like they may use USB to talk to it, but I can’t find any point where they read/write data.  I’m guessing that there is some subtle inheritance structure in the code that I just don’t understand.

I’m out of ideas for now.  Maybe it would be easier to build our own hardware first!

Eclipse installation issues


  • Eclipse has some documented bugs that have workarounds, which it makes it all more tedious to work through the IDE installation.
  • BeSpoon are several revs bhind the latest API, and I’m not sure even they can compile their code.
  • Their code seems unnecessarily complex for a demo.

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