Pins 9 and 10 on the DWM are used to determine the phase and polarity of the SPI signal.  Getting these two things set right, the bit-rate and the the bit direction (lsig, or msig bit sent first) has always been a PITA invlving poring over the scope for hours.  

The Aardvark is probably a better way to suss these things out rather than writing trial-and-error programs for the Nordic.  I found the Aardvark confusing and wasn't making progress, so I lashed out $20 and bought a Bus Pirate which is easier to understand, and all the software is open source.  As you can see from the blog, I managed to get some sense out of it, so I'm flushed with over confidence.
So here's the question, I was thinking of connecting the Bus Pirate directly to the DW module.  But I'm not sure if there will be conflicts with the power somehow.  The BP itself can supply 3.3V and 5V, so maybe I don't have to even plug the TS06 into it's PSU.   Alternatively I can just connect it to the 4 SPI signals and GND, and use the USB PSU for the TS06.  Pls advise.


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