You must have worked hard to get another board built after a day at work.   Good to know that you are getting the hang of the solder paste process.   Maybe you should point a camera at the key points in making a board, making a point of showing the squeegee tricks, and the fry pan.  How you know it’s cooked for example?.

I’d like to document of the process we use to make and checkout our system.  I’m conscious of the fact that in fifty years records of these little home-artisan processes will be gold-dust.  We should make a 3 minute documentary.
There are so many little tricks and subterfuges that we (mostly you) use to get the hardware built.  We get freebies wherever we can; the schematic is done using “freeware”, and the layout by a friend in China, the boards a made for $10, and we get a mylar stencil;  you buy components from a hole-in-the wall (anchor); and dumpster-dive to get others;  our instruments are dumpster dives too;  the solder-paste process uses a squeegee, and a fry pan;  the checkout is done by email and phone.
Oh… did the board pass the tests?


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