We discussed our objective.  I mentioned the idea of making a very simple demo of the fundamentals and trying to get in front of honchos at Apple, etc.  I described a possible demo where

  1. the demonstrator moves around a conference room being tracked
  2. shows cluster analysis of settling areas
  3. A carefully enacted repeating sequence generates a pattern that is recognized
  4. An excursion from the pattern is recognized
  5. A trend is recognized
  6. A location of a lost object is described.
  7. A prompt issued near to an object is demonstrated – pills. c.f. this link
  8. The demo finishes with an explanation of the key features of what they have seen, and the architecture behind it


We discussed whether we should try to patent the above ideas before we go much further.  Would a quick and dirty filing be better than none at all.  David to peruse patent book and decide how daunting it seems?


We looked at the enclosures we had and tried to decide which was best.  David will poke around and see if there is something better to be had.


We discussed batteries.  Decided that removable AAA was the easiest option, but we would end up using the TS02 box.  Then we investigated using the wrist enclosure and found some lithium ion candidates that might do.


We realized that the battery for the wrist enclosure would probably occlude the antennae, and discussed ways to arrange stuff so that it didn’t.


We made a list of possible components to go into Dewbly 0.1, and prioritized them
  1. DWM module
  2. Nordic + RTC + battery backup
  3. IMU
  4. JTAG connector
  5. PSU
  6. Battery
  7. uSD card
  8. Coulombe counter
  9. Beeper
  10. Solar charger
  11. LEDs / display
  12. Barometer
  13. Push button

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