This is bugging me.  Early start for me today… not sure if I have solved the memory issues yet, but I wrote code to check the actual memory size of the machine, while also running RTX and the BLE s130 soft-machine.  

Here’s my startup splash screen, and it looks like the ts06.3 does have the bigger memory, which is at least one explanation of why the code was crashing on the TS06.2.  Doh!! I don’t really have any application code in this config – a null application I guess.
According to the loader, my null-app and all the libraries are consuming 77K of flash, and 7.8K of flash, including all the BLE and RTX buffers etc.  So it seems like I have some more rope left for a modest app.   

My next milestone is to see if I can get ranging information printed on my Android over BLE, and to check that you can do the same thing on the equivalent iPhone app.   

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