My program has allegedly filled up memory.  This is actually a message from the linker telling me that when I try to load the program into the chip that it will not fit.  It deduces this from the “loader script”  I gave it which is for an nRF51422_xxAA chip.   

  • AA is 256K flash/16K sram
  • AB is 128K flash/16K sram
  • AC is the new 256K flash/32K sram variant.

I kind of remember that we got some of the new bigger modules, but I can’t recall now.  I looked back through the blog and saw this comment from David.

If you exceed the 16k RAM barrier then you will only be able to use TS06.3. If you need more I can always send them to you.

I compared the TS06.2 and .3 modules and they have the same markings., except for the paint blob.


I suppose that I’m just being lazy because I could try to write some code that will load into any chip, and can scan memory to see where it runs out.  That’s a bit of a fag, but might be the best way to be sure.‚Äč

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