Presentation collaterals from David.

The Shine package is a bit naff.
David’s tear-down slides are very interesting.
Hard to make out the vibrator.  Is it that flat square package?
6 months on 1 CR2032 is very impressive.
The A4WP support is interesting – why do they need it when the CR2032 lasts 6 months.  
Says the Ambiq Apollo is an M4 processor, and is very interesting.  30uA/MHz executing from flash is great.  And only 100nA with RTC running!
DA14581 does remote charging – why when the battery lasts 6 months – I’m confused.
What does slide on IMG_4612 mean.  Totally over my head.
DA14581 TX: 3.4 mA, RX: 3.7 mA (with ideal DC-DC) ??

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