Have a bunch of interesting products.

A NEYO anchor to go into a wall socket is 85 Euros.

A tag with an IMU is only 27 Euros and contains an

DW1000 UWB transceiver
Cortex M4F, 84MHz, 512kB flash, 80kB RAM

This one looks particularly interesting.
IMU only means accelerometer!
2ppm clock seems good.

  • M=MircoController onboard,
  • I=Inertia Measurement Unit (optional)
  • P=Pressure sensor (optional)
  • H=Humidity, Temperature sensor (optional)
  • Q=Qi wireless charger circuit without external coil (optional)

DW1000 UWB transceiver
EPC 2 active RFID
Cortex M3, 128kB flash, 64kB RAM
Accelerometer LIS3DSH
2 DAC (1Mbit 10 bit)
1 ADC (400ksps)
1 I2C, 1 uart
Integrated UWB antenna
Li-Po Battery connector (BM03B)
micro-USB port
30nA sleep current1 (RAM retention/2ppm clock)2
dimensions: 27 x 47 mm

1 = optional
2 = standard sleep current approx 200nA, standby current with IMU active approx 5uA

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