This latest Pebble teardown is really interesting/

Image #1Image #1


They use an ST + external memory and an external BT chip.  Two chips for their IMU.
This “motor driver” is interesting.  Seems like a lot of effort for a little advantage – if I understand it’s purpose.   DRV2603
It references this “smartstrap” page which seems like a useful thing to know.

This 150 mAh, 0.57 Wh, 3.8 V battery packs a bit less punch than even the smallish 205 mAh, 0.78 Wh battery we found in the Apple Watch. 

That’s also about half the juice of other recent smartwatches, like the Moto 360 and the Samsung Gear Liveā€”but with its e-paper display, Pebble claims that the Time can last up to seven days between charges.


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