Two major mistakes:

1) When I powered it off I didn’t tell it to wake on CS, or WAKE.  Seems dumb that you can get away not doing that.
2) I tried powering it down completely.  Then I noticed I had set the RSTn pin as an output, instead of an input.  There was a note by the side of this pin on p7 of the Datasheet referring to section 5.6.
Section 5.6 woffles on about the power-up sequence for 2/3 page and ends with a line in bold that says: RSTn should never be driven high by an external source

I assume I’m screwed.

RSTn is a DW output connected to Nordic pin 25, which I stupidly set as an output instead of an input.

HEY!!! I left the board disconnected all night, and just plugged it in again. I did a reset and it now works! I unplugged it for several minutes last night, and retried to no avail. What the hell? Why would a 12 hour disconnect make a difference, over 2-3 minutes.

That is really odd. My only thought is that a charge leaked off, but that would indicate a somewhat defective device. Without knowing exactly what they are doing there’s no way to know. Do you have full control of the device; can you program RSTn as an input now?

Anyway, great news!

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