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We talked about this but I forgot the conclusion. Is the next board going to be a TS07?

– Decawave module
– nRF52 module from RayTac
– Microsemi ZL70550
– Maybe an IMU footprint. Could be Invensense, ST or Bosch 
– Maybe a barometer footprint, probably Bosch
– Expansion port
– No memory card socket
– JTAG connector
– New power supply

I made a TS07 design directory in Google Drive but it is under the TS06 shared directory. That doesn’t make much sense unless it’s going to be called TS06.4. Should there be a new TS07 shared directory?

Yup.  “TS07” (codenamed “Pining” <for the fjords?>) seems right,  This will be TS07.1 aka “Pining.1”

You already had access to the directory above Touchstone, but I created the new directory TS07, and moved your new stuff into it.

You might want to bookmark the root Touchstone directory so you can get to all the antique stuff?
I think your list is good.  Some thoughts…
  1. We need to think about the IMU choice.  I hear the Bosch IMU is functionally rather good, but perhaps it sucks power.  What do you think?  
  2. Barom and IMU are a single decision.  Both or neither.
  3. PSU – Provisions for this BOVLB to measure power consumption with onboard/offboard instruments
  4. JTAG – great if easy to plug in and remove.
  5. Arduino compatible expansion port – makes experiments with off-the-shelf boards an option
  6. If there sufficient pins to have DW on SPI0, and IMU, etc on SPI1, and still pins for I2C… great.
  7. Spare pins get: LEDs, buttons (that are easy to press!).  Reset button – minimal value
  8. UART – I am living without (using SEGGER), but if, and only if, we are using USB to charge, may as well hook it up if pins avail.


    Using the SEGGER for trace output is a bit inconvenient because it keeps hanging up, and it uses a lot of buffer space.  So I’m in greater favor of putting a FTDI serial to USB chip on – at least for the next rev.

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