I have been exploring RTX.  After having told David that there are all these real-time operating systems, but they all seem too complicated, I decided I should revisit, and check out that this is still the case.  Better to use tried and trusted code, than re-do everything.

RTX is the RTOS that Keil push, and it is kind of available for free via Nordic.  There is an example, for the 51422.  I tried to drag the code over to Eclipse and compile it, but there are a bunch of defined constants, and some unwritten conventions that are getting in the way of compiling everything.

It’s been three days of struggle so far, and I’m really not getting to the bottom of it, so I’m beginning to think that it is a PITA.

One issue is that RTX assumes a particular kind of inbuilt timer, and the 51822 doesn’t have that, so it has to be fudged.

We have a “way” of licensing the Keil uVision v5.11 environment, but I’m not sure if that method will work for the latest 5.17 version – and then of course would it work for the next release?  Another complete PITA to try that out, and then all the code would have to be ported to uVision.

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