You know that day you and Bob, and I met for lunch, and I went off to an evening meeting…?

I met up with the organizer, Richard Caro, today.  His minuscule office is about a mile away, so we met and had lunch.  He is a smart guy, who is tying to gather together a load of old farts who want to build solutions for aging-in-place – called the Longevity Collective.
He was a stimulating guy to talk to.  He wasn't impressed with TS, but I guess he didn't understand what it was.  He thinks pattern recognition, and trend analysis is the way of the future for aging in place systems, but he wasn't enough of a technologist to understand why anything more than a Fitbit might be needed.
However he has written a book which I'm going to reed.  I notice that today it is available free (is this a good sign?).
He also gave a talk at the Commonwealth Club recently:


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