I went to TI’s booth at EE Live earlier this month. I asked about the ARM-based BLE SOC and he said he could not tell me anything about it unless I signed an NDA. Under NDA, he said he could tell me something interesting.

I called TI and opened a Service Request. Today I received this email:

RE: Service Request # 1-1399505934

3:58 PM April 30, 2014

Hello David,

Unfortunately, in order to obtain an NDA, you will need to contact an authorized distributor.  The authorized distributor will obtain the necessary information and start the process with the local field sales rep if need be. I have provided a list of our authorized distributors in your area below. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Arrow- 800-777-2776  www.arrow.com
Avnet- 906-632-4500   www.avnet.com
Digikey- 800-344-4539  www.digikey.com
Mouser- 800-346-6837   www.mouser.com

Best Regards,
Matthew Fenley

I’ll call Digikey.

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