I have a bunch of the BLE stuff working.  I can simultaneously advertise, and listen for advertisements, and receive connections from a cell phone to upload range log reports and diagnostics, and continuously output diagnostics to the USB.
I tested my latest iteration doing simultaneous BLE advertise and discovery.  It ran for a day doing  30521 iterations before dying from lack of memory.  Clearly I have a space leak, or some unusual storm of events occasionally overwhelms the buffer pool.  One of the lovely bugs that takes a day to reproduce.
I'm planning to get the last bit of the BLE infrastructure working this week, and then I'm going to try and integrate the UWB ranging.  If I can shoehorn all this in without more RAM squeezing I shall be pleased, and mildly surprised.
We are getting closer to something primitively testable, and then the power monitoring can begin to start generating a power model, and figuring out the daily budget.

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