A few nice additions, and a bunch of code-architecture changes that caused me to make a lot of changes to my code.

Slowly running through all my test programs to drag them into the new world, and to make sure I understand how all this new stuff works.

The usual tedious, head-scratching to figure it all out.

I already have a configuration file for each type of board.  I use compile-time defines to decide which board file to use, and a bunch of other defines to decide what set of drivers to include in the compile – e.g. UART, or semo-hosting.  Nordic have decided that all of these kind of constants should be held in a config file.  Because each of my programs can be compiled with a different bunch of drivers, depending on what it does, I have introduced a new directory called “config” that contains the various configurations. Config has a subdir for each different configuration of drivers, so I have one called config/UART that sets up all the constants for the UART drivers.  I expect I’ll have to do the same for SPI, TWI and so forth.

I am hopeful that this change will make it a helluva lot easier to multi-thread the code.

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