This one is 8mm wider on each internal radius.

The Good

  • It was a much better fit.  It’s still probably tight enough.  I slipped it on my wrist and have been wearing it almost continuously for since I got home, about an hour ago.
  • It’s actually easy to put on quickly.

    The Bad

    • The molding had rough edges from where I removed the top hat – always to be expected.  I filed it down.
    • The end of the cuff by the opening digs into my arm still.  When I removed it there were indentations on my wrist, which is probably going to be unavoidable to get a snug fit.  More worryingly, red marks were beginning to develop on my wrist.  

    The Ugly

    • It isn’t that it’s too tight, it’s more that it is a poor fit.  My mistake is assuming that the wrist is symmetrical.  Notice that it doesn’t wrap around and meet symmetrically on the middle of the underside of my wrist.


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