This one has the entry gap canted 10° to take account of the wrist asymmetry.

In Progress


Complete misfire on this version.  Somehow I managed to shrink the wrist width parameter and made it way too small.   Pretty much impossible to get on, and uncomfortably tight.


Adjusted the parameters and re-printed.

The Good

  • It came out almost as intended this time
  • It flexes well
  • It fits snugly

    The Bad

    • It’s quite a lot harder to get on with the reduced gap
    • It’s still perhaps a bit too tight.
    • Top flexing
      If a display is to be mounted in the top surface then it has to be able to flex, or I have to find a design that doesn’t flex when you put it on.

    The Ugly

    • There was a minor printing issue.  The top-hat didn’t stick properly and it curled up.  This led to a small imperfection in the cuff itself.

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