I’ve installed a sniffer and checked to see if I can get any traffic out of the Nordic EVK board.  The sniffer actually uses the new dongle, and I can see packets coming from StickNFinds, FitBit and so forth, so at least that’s working.

I have loaded the very simplest example programs that advertise into the EVKs and they either hang-up when talking to the softmachine for the first time, or do nothing (hang up, but I don’t know where or why).

Communications with Nordic have been pretty unhelpful.  Their attitude is that the stuff works out the box, and that it must be something to do with my setup.  Well we know that my laptop is flakey, so perhaps some chunk of software has got mis-installed.  That seems very unlikely, but until I go through the motions, and set up a new platform, it’s a bit hard to argue anything else.

So the $140 diskless T410 arrived from ebay today.  I unpacked it and stuffed in the disk David lent me.  It fired up just fine, though it is complaining that the license is about to expire.  I copied all the software I have created onto a 128G USB stick, so I ought not to loose anything.

As a last ditch effort I installed their heart monitor simulator program on the EVK, and it works, so at least I know that it has to be some software issue.


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