The instructions require an STLINK/V2 ($21 and less off the web) which I don’t have of course.

So can I use the JLink EDU.   First challenge is getting the connector right.  Which is pin #1?

Let’s hope I have this right…

I’ve written the canonical LED flasher program, but now I’m trying to figure out what the LEDs are on.   Back to the Schematic…

timer_start(); blink_led_init();
// Infinite loop while (1)  {  blink_led_on();  timer_sleep(BLINK_ON_TICKS);  blink_led_off();  timer_sleep(BLINK_OFF_TICKS);  }

Looks like there’s one on Port C, pin6.  Can it be that easy?

OK, it looks like I can talk to the EVB1000 because I seem to have nixed the program that was in it, so clearly something got flashed.  But the program isn’t starting…

This  CodeSorcery compiler looks like it needs a different set of startup files.  I wonder if I can get it to work under the gcc compiler instead.

Recompile, and change a few settings…

Poked around a bit more and managed to find out how to get the semi-hosting to work too.

There are a couple of additional compile-time constants that have to be set: 


Found this useful comment buried in some library code.

// Note: Applications built with semihosting output active cannot be
// executed without the debugger connected and active, since they use
// BKPT to communicate with the host. Attempts to run them standalone or
// without semihosting enabled will usually be terminated with hardware faults.

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