I don’t know if this is any help but I tried to figure out the correspondence between the nRF51822 pins, and the RayTac module pins.   I am assuming that we are using the DC/DC schematics for our situation, but I’m not confident about that, and so this may all have been a waste of time.  
I did my analysis by writing a non-EE description of what was connected to each pin in each schematic.  Then I tried to line-up the descriptions and look for the obvious fits, and non-fits.  If I had a schematic of the internals of the RayTac module, maybe I could find more fits.  There were several puzzling (to me) things:
The executive summary of my findings:
  1. The RayTac module uses XL1/XL2 and not XC1/XC2.
  2. RayTac pin 3 and nRF51822 pins 35+36 use different capacitors.
  3. I think many pins are internally connected to ground and so they don’t appear on the module.

Connections to nRF51822 for DC/DC operations according to Nordic
Connections to RayTac module for DC/DC operations, according to RayTac

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