I have to start somewhere writing code.  There is a stock piece of code from Nordic that claims to use a BLE library, plus a dongle to emit advertising packets from a PC.

The code is pretty simple, and the library is a DLL.  I have to arrange that the DLL ends up in the same directory as the executable before the program runs, but every time I clean the code it get’s deleted.  Then the program is simply silent.  It took a while to figure that bit out.

So far I seem to have managed to compile the code and get it to start the DLL.  It runs but doesn’t do anything.

If I run the code from a command line I get a bit more information than the zero I get from within Eclipse.

The dongle is actually on COM7.  Small code change.  Seems a bit better, but now what?

I think the Nordic dongle has to be programmed with some alternative code.  I have not found instructions to that effect yet.  Need to poke around.  Also, presumably the dongle needs to have the right sort of soft machine installed.

I have not found any help yet, but I notice that there are three hex files packaged with the C code.

I’ll use the nRFgo Studio tool to load it into the program space.  What soft machine is appropriate though?
Not made any difference?  Maybe it is working…?  What am I supposed to see?  Should my phone see some BLE device advertising?
Nope.  Nada!
Reading the fine print now.
Supported boards:  pca10000  nRF51822 development dongle (v2.1 or higher only)

Oh bugger.  

So I have to use the new eval board pca10001 for which they say:
pca10001/pca10003 nRF51822/nRF51422 evaluation board (v2.1 or higher recommended)
Good news, I have a V2.2.0 board.  So I flash it with the connectivity_evkit_115k2.hex and…
bad news, it still doesn’t work.

Now what?

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