Today I have been reduced to basics.  I can’t really make much progress until I have managed to get characters between a Nordic and a PC.

There is a program that allegedly does this called uart_example.  It’s really very simple, but I just can’t get it to work because these dongles are old, and incompatible with the software.  I have to see if there is a workaround.

Reduced to groping around the Nordic Developer zone I found this useful little contribution.

I just got stung by this too.
Turns out I have an earlier version of the PCA10000 board. Check your board to see if you have V1.0 like I do. If so, this fix is easy… once you know anyway.
Go to Includes/boards/pca10000.h. There is an #if /#else construct for selecting between board versions. Change to #if 0 for V1.0 and away you go.

So I made a new version of  pca10000.h changing the one critical character from a ‘1’ to a ‘0’!

I recompiled the program.  The dongle resides on COM7, so I launched putty at 38400 8N1 + DTR fc.  And hey presto.  Characters are echoed ok.


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