I’ve been thinking about drones which are in the news again.

Objectives recap

Topology mapping recap

I espouse the idea that we can do a lot without making a map.  I think it’s still critical to be able to do things without a map.

If we had an easy way to add a map then it could enable a lot of extra capabilities.

One thing I’m pretty sure we can do is sense the position of an object to within a meter, or less.  So I can imagine having a tiny, and very inexpensive drone with a TV camera that could follow you around the house.

Take the drone out of the box, and remove the paper strip maked “Remove me first”.   Set the drone on the floor in front of you.  Put on your wrist band.  Wave your hand over the top of the drone <somehow> until the red light on the drone comes on. Now walk away from the drone, and sit still somewhere you can see the whole room.  In a few seconds the drone will start, and slowly rise into the air.  It will slowly hover around around the room taking pictures.  Don’t move until it lands again.

Walk into another room, and the drone will follow you.  Sit down and the drone will survey this room.

Move to each room in turn until you are done, and then walk towards the drone and wave your hand over it.  You are done.  Put the drone back in it’s little box, and put it way somewhere safe. 

The drone builds a 3D map using techniques like these.
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