I’ve been playing with e-paper displays a bit, and all of them seem to have some magic power electronics that are not described on the web-sites. However I came across this German company called Plastic Logic that seems to be quite forthcoming.

They have a flexible tiny e-paper display and they show the schematics for driving them.

Single voltage power supply (1.7 … 3.6 V), on-chip regulator control for generating driving voltages (external booster circuit required)

Two of there displays seem like they might fit into a cuff, assuming I can figure out how to create a transparent cover.  This might be the show stopper.

The two candidates are

The schematic has a network called “HV booster” that has some scary wiggly components on it.
I’m wondering if it means I have to make a board, and find some sort of connector?
It appears that this can be interfaced directly to a uC with not extra stuff because it has an embedded “Ultrachip” processor 
There’s a git library of code too. https://github.com/plasticlogic

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