The difference in quality between the 3D printed things, and the professionally made enclosures is huge. I’m pondering our enclosure choices:

  1. If we only make a few units, then it makes sense to use an off-the-shelf enclosure, even if the enclosure costs us $20+ a shot. It actually makes sense for us to buy some cool product like the iPod nano, or one of those flashy watches, tear-it-down, and jam in our own custom PCB. It makes sense as long as it isn’t more work than:
  2. Designing and printing our own enclosure. It will look crappy, but sometimes it’s possible to make a virtue out of a feature. e.g. make it look like tree bark? It makes sense to do this as long as it isn’t more work than:
  3. Using an off-the-shelf ugly box into which it is quick and easy to fit our PCB. Then we try to figure out some way to make it less odious with some sort of strap, or pouch. It might be possible to get a person who is handy with a needle and thread to make some clever kind of wrist strap.
  4. Focus on getting the PCB to work, and not worry about the enclosure. When it works, find some off the shelf plastic box like this, and use some duct tape, elastic, or other junk to make a wrist band.

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