Oh I’m using Eagle as usual.  I kind of understand it.  It isn’t really a layout problem, it’s that I can’t find a parts library for the connectors.
I’m trying to make a trivial board to connect all the different displays I have collected to a set of header pins, so I can figure out the driver issues.  Modern displays use MIPI which requires fast hardware in the uC to drive it.  I will have to use SPI which is slow.  Nordic doesn’t have MIPI, but ST does.  I thought about using an ST, but that makes everything else so much more complicated, and I’m already out of my depth.  
My challenge is that the displays I have been able to get generally have tiny connectors.  
Worse, my most practical display uses a connector that seems to be obsolete.  Of course – that’s why I could get it!  I have a few connectors, but I just can’t seem to get the Eagle parts library, so I am making my own.  Measuring stuff is hard of course.   Then the challenge is going to be soldering something that has 10 pins and is 4mm long.  I expect it will take me a few iterations, but I’m enjoying learning the process.

On Tue, Jul 2, 2019 at 6:17 AM David Carkeek <dcarkeek@gmail.com> wrote:
What program are you going to be using? At one point I could have done it in Eagle but I have forgotten almost everything. Since I was able to do it it wasn’t that hard to figure out, so I can probably do it again. Also, Yali would be overjoyed to have something to do for Touchstone.

What do you think about making a platform board with all of the circuits you are interested in characterizing?

On Mon, Jul 1, 2019 at 4:01 AM Mik Lamming <mik@lamming.com> wrote:
Is there an obvious place to go for component outlines.  I need to make a breakout board with the connector on it, and I can’t find it.  I can make it I guess, which would be a new skill, but I’m not sure I’d trust it.

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