I should be able to answer that question with more than speculative comments in a few days.

Today I plan to do two things.  

  1. Port my SPI code from the Nordic board to TS06 and see if I can find the relevant SPI pins to create a loop back so I can test the code, and the interrupts are working.
  2. If that is successful, then I plan to locate the Nordic GPIOs that are connected to the DW and re-target the SPI code to talk to it.  Your schematic should be very helpful there thanks.  My goal is to the DW to utter something meaningful back on the SPI – like the chip version number or something that I can verify is correct.  I imagine the challenge will begetting all the SPI protocols set up just right, and it wouldn't surprise me if that took a few days.
Obviously if I can't get any response out of the DW then I'll reconfigure the connections with jumpers until I fo get some response, and then I can report.
Any news about the DW kit?


On Sun, Apr 12, 2015 at 11:35 PM, David Carkeek <dcarkeek@gmail.com> wrote:

Some time in the not-so-distant past you asked about connections from the BLE module to the DW module. From a board perspective it doesn't seem to matter much. Have a look at the attached schematic to see if there are programming concerns.

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