I did a bit more thinking and have reduced the invention down to the essence I think.

I don't think the display part of it is essential actually.  That could be the subject of another patent if we got a suitable display and showed it worked.
It would be fun to make a prototype using duct tape. It doesn't have to be low-power to test – just small.  It could even have the IMU on a long thin SPI wire inside a chunk of duct tape wrapped around a finger. Maybe someone makes a tiny breakout board already.  I could join it to a microprocessor strapped to my wrist to do first tests.


On Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 11:52 AM, David Carkeek <dcarkeek@gmail.com> wrote:

Bay Area IP Group has three 5-star and one 1-star reviews. The guy who gave one star seems to be at least partially at fault, according to the long response posted by the attorney. However, the attorney wrote "On April 16, 2014 the USPTO mailed their action directly to you at your home: Apt. B, 1737 Sapling Ct., Concord, CA" that seems to show poor judgment, posting the guy's home address in a public forum. Vengeance? 

Anyway, they seem worth looking into.

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