Reading the blurb for the RIGOLDS1054Z I felt quite inspired by the possibility of learning some cool stuff.

Suppose one set up the scope to measure power consumption over a wide range from nA to mA.  I don't see how that can be possible, but perhaps a real-time trigger could change the sensitivity?
Suppose that it could be triggered with a GPIO, and also that other GPIOs could be used to mark precise places of interest in the trace.
Obviously looking at the scope trace would be informative.
IMHO the win in this process is being able to set up recipes for particular measurements that could be used over and over without a lot of hassle to set each recipe up.  I'm sure this is probably SOP in the industry.
So one could set up recipes for different operations (like listening, or sending a ranging message) , and easily switch between them as the code was refined to gauge improvement.
Suppose the capture buffer was big enough to capture a whole cycle of operations spanning perhaps a second, e.g. discovery through ranging and the distribution of the new range data to peers.
Further suppose that the trace data could be uploaded to the PC.  One could:
  1. calculate the area under the graph – the actual units are not important, because we care about differences
  2. traces could be superimposed to spot subtle differences and problems.


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Scope is scheduled to arrive on Friday by UPS. Since it's going to my PO Box I might not be able to get it until Monday. I could probably ask for it to held at the UPS depot in Sunnyvale if I really need it next weekend.

A Picoscope would be perfect for you. Even the base model decodes SPI and I2C, and the 10 MHz model ($149 with two probes) has plenty of bandwidth for looking at SPI/I2C/JTAG.

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