I wondered if we could make our own Pebble.

While Apple only sports an 18-hour battery life, and Andoid 36 hours maybe, the pebble claims 7 days.  That has to be down to the display technology.


Maybe we can’t stuff all the TS gear inside the Pebble case, but perhaps we can extract the display and figure out how to drive it?

So all this watch does is:

  1. Show the time
  2. Some other stuff – c.f. http://www.touchstone-labs.com/our-research

It doesn’t provide an interface to your phone like the real Pebble.

According to this teardown:

Pebble makes use of a new Sharp Memory LCD that puts it in the realm of e-ink and e-paper.
The display is capable of maintaining its current image with very low power draw (less than 15 μW for a static image, according to the manufacturer).

Sharp claims to have a 0.99″ display with 10uW static power, and 45uW dynamic.  The square display is the same overall size, but consumes a lot more power: 60uW static.

0.99″ display
1.28″ display

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