I’m having a bit of trouble with the buttons.  The button closest to the LEDs creates an interrupt on pin16 and works fine.

The other one seems to cause a trap to 0 when I press it – like a reset.

My definitions file says:
#define BUTTON_0       16
#define BUTTON_1       17
I looked at the schematic to try and confirm it is on 17, but the relationship between the pin and the signal name confuses me.   Could you sort me out please?

David responds
The hinges on the door are so rusty I can hardly open it.

This is the from last schematic I sent to Yali, dated June 29, 2015. It doesn’t match the one you sent. I remember now you found the mistake of BUT_0 being connected to SWDCLK. Your button definitions are correct and match the latest schematic.
Inline image 1
Inline image 2
To work reliably this setup depends on there being a pull-up enabled on P0.17 and P0.16.


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