I managed to make a dumb C# program that found the BLE dongles,  Didn’t actually do anything with them, but that would be a good next step.

I also started to mull over all the code fragments that are lying around to see if I could find a single program for which there is both server and client code.  Ao far the only example I have found is on GitHub.  The programs on Nordic all seem a bit broken, or have the other half missing.

I found the S130 softmachine and started reading about it.  It purports to handle both server and client traffic at the same time.

I also made my first server (central) program using the s120 softmachine but it won’t load directly from the Keil IDE.  I tried loading it from nRFGo and it loads, but doesn’t seem to run. Then I tripped over this little note buried deep inside a zip file.

This SoftDevice release has internal changes that requires that the SoftDevice
is programmed onto the chip in a specific way.  The following Nordic tools
handle this:
– nrfjprog version 5.0.1 or higher
– nRFgo Studio version 1.17.0 or higher.  

 So maybe the tools for loading s120 and s130 code from the IDE need upgrading.

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