I have started to make a custom hardware profile for the TS06_1 hardware.  I have recompiled programs to use this program so that the right LED, UART and flow-control definitions are used for our hardware.

Test programs can be found at: ts06_1 on our shared Google drive.

Tools for flashing a TS06

To download the test program hex to the TS06 you first have to install some stuff (sigh)

To do that you have to install three things from copies in Nordic Files on our shared Google drive:

nRFgo Studio           nrfgostudio_win-64_1.17.0_installer
Segger’s JLink drivers Setup_JLink_V492
The JLink patch        SEGGER_PATCH_MDK_JL2CM3_DLL_2_71

To download anything I might have forgotten from Nordic you need a product key.  Here is the only one I know:

B381591KQOL  That’s an ‘O’ for Oscar, not a zero

Loading a hex

  • Plug in the Segger JLink EDU.  Connect it to the TS06. Power up the TS06.
  • Start nRFgo Studio

  • Select nRF51 Programming
  • Make sure that the serial number (written on the back of the Segger) shows up in the “SEGGER to use” menu at the top, and select it.
  • Click Erase all
  • Selet the “Program Application” Tab on the right
  • Navigate to the pre-compiled hex of the test program which will be in the test program’s arm/_build directory.  Example:  the hex for the blinky program is here …/ts06_1/blinky/_build
  • Click on the “Program” button.

If all goes well then the program will be downloaded, flashed and will start running.

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