<Pictures David took of the insides of the tag>

David writes:
No-go. The uC in the tag is a Silicon Labs C8051F93x.

The C8051F93x-C8051F92x family utilizes Silicon Labs’ proprietary CIP-51 microcontroller core. The CIP-
51 is fully compatible with the MCS-51™ instruction set; standard 803x/805x assemblers and compilers 
can be used to develop software. The CIP-51 core offers all the peripherals included with a standard 8052.
I don’t think you’ll be pushing any Cortex M0 code into it, right?
I dragged out my hot air equipment this morning and removed the lid from a BS module. Photo attached.
Marking on the module uC is 
This matches with the documents in the SDK release 1.3: RM0091
Reference manual
advanced ARM-based 32-bit MCUs

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