Another minor, yet significant step forward today.  I have a trivial program echoing packets between my Android and the TS06.2.   The same program (nRF UART) is allegedly available on the iPhone!

  1. The TS06 sets up all the BLE services, and then advertises its presence to the world.
  2. The Andoid is told to discover what’s out there so I can select it as the target for echoing packets.
  3. Then I type in a few words and send them – the TS06 echoes them back.  
  4. Then I disconnect and reconnect to show it wasn’t a fluke (though it probably was!)

The less encouraging news is below:

Invoking: Cross ARM GNU Print Size

   text   data    bss    dec    hex filename
  71068 2268   1196  74532  12324 BLE_UART_C_nRF51822.elf

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